About Us

BOTB is a subsidiary company of Supreme Motor Focus Sdn. Bhd. with more than 18 years of professional experiences

in automobile interior refurbishment industry.

BOTB provide professional services in designing & upgrading automobile interior to a whole new sensation for it’s driver and passengers to a different level of experiences in the vehicle.

Exquisite products are made up of subtle details. Therefore, we highly value user experiences to create products that provide meaningful and relevant experiences to users at the same time we pursue the finest piece of art in our design. 


The origins of the logo BOTB is derived from the phrase ‘Best of The Best’. It’s the spirit the founder of the company would like to advocate to it’s people and wanted the spirit to be transformed into their masterpiece.  

BOTB logo starts and end with two equal size of letter B symbolizes life start and end the same way as each of us born from nothing and leave with nothing in life. However the logo carries a smaller letter ‘o’ and letter ‘T’ with longer horizontal top covering the entire four letter has symbolizes the only way human being can make each other different is by how each of us make life more meaningful and valuable with different path we take. Therefore, this is where our slogan ‘Create Different’ being developed.